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Product Description:
Suitable for dyeing pashm, wool, cotton, silk, acrylic fiber etc.
It can do the refine, bleach, dye, and soften process in one batch
Special designed high efficiency horizontal circulation pump and impeller reduce power consumption
The fiber carrier basket can be lifted out, as well as wholly take out directly by crane.
Compact structure, low liquor ratio of l :5-1 :10.
Lengthen device, increase the loading capacity.
High efficiency heat exchanger.

Max. working temperature: 98℃
Temperature rising rate: about 4℃/min(Steam pressure 0.6Mpa)
Temperature cooling rate: about 20℃/min(Cooling water pressure 0.3Mpa) .

The machine body contacting with the dye liquor is made of high quality anti-corrosion stainless steel.
High efficiency horizontal axial flow pump
Two heating way, direct heating and in-directing heating.
Stainless steel basket and plate.
Dosing, mixing, water in and heating function of dosing tank.
Water level indicator
Adjustable press plate.
Full auto and semi-auto controller.
Main pump frequency controlled.
Automatic control of dosing tank.
Ration dosing system.

Product Name: L.F. Eco-Dye