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General information:
The route to efficient yarn dyeing starts in the laboratory and with small scale production.
The SamY Eco-Dye meets both these requirements while maintaining maximum flexibility with minimum consumption.

Technical details:
- High efficiency, high performance centrifugal pump
- Flexible loading 1-3, 3-4 packages
- All liquor-carrying parts are manufactured using stainless steels 316L
- Max. working pressure: 0.44Mpa
- Max. working temperature: 140℃
- Heating rate: 20~130 about 30 minutes (Saturated steam pressure 0.7Mpa)
- Cooling rate: 130~80 about 20 minutes (cooling water pressure 0.3Mpa)
- Standard spindle dia. Is φ48mm
- Standard package size is φ165mm,height 160mm, weight is calculated as 1kg per cone

Optional :
- Hot water stock tank, preparation of the complete process bath
- Second service tank
- HT drain
- Extra carrier
- Progressive dosing system
- Secondary water feeding and draining
- Accessories for dyeing, such as cone, intermediate gasket and self falling locker
- Unloading device

Product Name: SamY Eco-Dye