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Special features:
-Adopt innovative centrifugal pump, with the advantage of high performance, high efficiency, low energy consumption, long service life and convenient maintenance.
- Newly developed internal heating core to improve heat exchange efficiency
- The new automatic liquid-flow reversing device, combined with the innovative centrifugal pump, shortens the distance between the pump and the yarn carrier, reduces the pressure loss and the liquor ratio
- PREDRY function: pressure drain the strong sewage of the yarn, reduce the water consumption during rinsing and improve the working environment.
- Low liquor ratio dyeing: Saves dyes, chemical additives, steam, electricity and water consumption. (1:4-1:6)
- Flexible loading: Special designed fast flexible loading carrier, with the intelligent water in control , it can reduce the water  consumption.
- Special pulse flow dyeing technology: adopt the advanced pulse flow power-saving system, it can constantly change the dyeing liquor pressure for the yarn, increase the level dyeing property, reduce the power consumption.

Technical Details
-All metal parts of the dyeing machine contact withing the dye liquor are made of high quality anti- corrosion Stainless Steel 316L.
- Frequency controlled high efficient unique centrifugal pump.
- High efficient internal heating core
-Vertical dyeing tank equipped with counter weight or pneumatic cylinder lid.
-Dosing tank with ration feeding system
-Pressurized air for main tank (Air pad type)
-High accurate pressure transmitter to control the liquor level
-Multi-function intelligent computer and PLC, control the dosing, water filling, draining, heating, cooling and rinse.
-High temperature drain
-Ration dosing system
-Secondary water feeding and draining.
-Flexible loading spindles and the accessories
-Fast unloading carrier(above DB211-145 models)

Optional :
- 100% Hot water stock tank, preparation of the complete process bath
- Various kinds of carriers for loose fiber, hank, zipper, and beam etc
- PREDRY function:
- Accessories: cone, plate and self-falling locker etc
-Smart rinsing process to save water
-Pulse dyeing function

Product Name: UNI Eco-Dye